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In 2016 VF Capital took over the shares of the optics division Eisfeld from Analytik Jena AG. At the Eisfeld site, complex and high-quality optoelectronic modules and complete optical devices are developed and manufactured. The new brand NOBLEX was established and stocks of the old Docter Optik brand, which could no longer be used for trademark reasons, were gradually sold out. In the following years, strategic investments were made in new products and machines and the product range was supplemented by modern high-performance products.

NOBLEX GmbH has a further business division in which manufacturing services are carried out for external companies. In addition to the assembly of complex, high-quality devices and components, turned and milled parts are produced and the surfaces are finished by anodizing or painting.

In the course of the Corona COVD-19 pandemic, the company suffered in both business units, particularly in exports, in some cases massive losses in sales, which continue to have a negative impact on the company's financial situation today. Due to the substantial investments made in previous years, the shareholders were no longer able to compensate for these losses in the short term. The management therefore filed an application for the initiation of a protective shielding procedure in June 2020. The opening of the proceedings took place after 3 months and the previous administrator Dr. Markus Schädler from Bendel Insolvenzverwaltung AG was appointed insolvency administrator by the Meiningen Local Court on September 1, 2020.

Good chances for restructuring

Business operations will continue in full under the conditions of insolvency law, so that all customer orders can be processed on time. If you have any questions regarding the availability of products or repairs, please contact Susann Adam at +49 3686 371115 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the course of the proceedings, talks are currently being held with investors in order to ensure the continuation of the company in the long term.

For further questions or information on the proceedings, please contact Dr. Markus Schädler + 49 9721 3860950, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The binoculars for ambitious water sports enthusiasts with full perspective

Seaworthy porro binoculars with a sighting compass and 7x magnification are still standard navigation equipment to have on board, even in the age of GPS. With the new model inception, the manufacturer NOBLEX, based in the Thuringian Eisfeld, has launched a new pair of binoculars on the market, which bring a breath of fresh air to the market segment with their modern design, high optical performance and optimised price-performance ratio.

Can you still distinguish a high-quality binocular from a low-priced product today? In the past, the well-known brand names were a guarantee for highest optical quality. Today, the only difference between binoculars for water sports is often the type labels and manufacturer logos. As is so often the case in everyday life on board, it is the intrinsic values that count.
The wheat is often separated from the chaff at first sight when looking through the glass. Good optics for use on board require not only high-quality materials but also the necessary know-how, and of course the ability to produce at high standards. This includes clean-room technology, modern coating systems and access to high-quality glass types for the lenses and prisms used in the products. If one of these is missing, the quality will inevitably drop. Even elegant packaging and a dashing marine name will not help. If you want to play in the highest league within the optical industry, you have to invest in hard- and software.
This was the case with NOBLEX in Eisfeld. The company that emerged from the former Docter Optik brand now offers products relevant to water sports, among which are the first binoculars in the new NF series, the inception.

A binocular for inland and coastal skippers

With its broad-shouldered porro-construction, it is obvious that the new NOBLEX inception has grown sea legs. With its well-known characteristics (7x magnification and 50 mm objective diameter), the entry-level inception offers a field of view of 124 m at 1000 m and is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter. The optics are designed for the ambitious beginner making his first strokes near the coast or for the inland skipper who wants to maintain an overview in busy waters.
As befits a reasonable seafaring glass, manufacturer NOBLEX has implanted a Suunto compass into the inception, which meets the special requirements needed on a sports boat.
Thanks to its 20 mm compass rose, the fine lines in the binoculars‘ field of view can be clearly read and is a reliable aid in navigating even in wind and weather.
Thanks to the nitrogen filling inside the binocular housing, the optics are always fog-free and ready for use and, thanks to the high light transmission of over 92 percent, always clear and rich in contrast even in low light conditions such as at dusk or during a gathering storm.

The robust and floatable inception from NOBLEX with integrated Suunto compass is priced at 349 Euros and will be available in specialist shops from spring 2020.

Always with you, always looking ahead

Most of the detailed images of objects in the distance that we see these days have been „served“ to us via a smartphone as an image file. But there are so many leisure activities where it is very much worthwhile to take a closer look yourself. Especially those countless bird watchers, nature lovers, hikers, fishermen and hunters. Even though they may be equipped with high-quality binoculars, the small, essential details of their hobby or passion often remain hidden from view. Details that make all the difference in the world. The difference between ama-teurs and professionals - simply observing or looking for details. Such precious moments can only be captured by a high-magnification spotting scope. Unfortunately, such telescopes were expensive, unwieldy and heavy, so that even if they were readily available, they rarely found their way into the hunter’s backpack.
With the new powerful NS 8–24 x 50 mini spotting scope, NOBLEX now presents you with a scope that is not only handy and light, but also affordable. Equipped with an optical zoom that can be changed from 8x to 24x magnifi-cation in the blink of an eye, and a powerful 50 mm lens diameter, the mini spotting scope can begin there where conventional binoculars have reached their limits. While manufacturing the objective lenses, a special glass with anomalous partial dispersion (ED) was used to ensure sharp and colour-neutral observations even at high mag-nifications (24x). Optimised for eyeglass wearers, the precision eyepiece with a viewing angle of 35 degrees and a legendary short overall length of only 22 cm makes the NS 8–24 x 50 a true lightweight in its class, weighing in at only 530 g. This means that the Noblex mini spotting scope can even fit into a jacket pocket, and can thus become a practical daily companion for anyone who wishes to take a closer look for themselves. The scope of delivery includes a neoprene ever-ready case. The MSRP in Germany is € 349,-.

More information you can find here.

NOBLEX Thermal Tablet helps in the fight against Corona

  • Thermal imaging technology enables contactless temperature measurements within seconds
  • Effective entry surveillance for companies and public institutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and public institutions need innovative solutions to counteract the spread of the virus. The “NOBLEX Thermal Tablet“ uses thermal imaging technology to measure the temperature of a person within seconds and without contact – with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. An elevated body temperature can be considered not only a first warning sign, but also a symptom of an infection. “The NOBLEX Thermal Tablet enables quick and effective screenings at the entrances of public institutions or companies“, says Hubert Bodächtel, Sales Manager at NOBLEX, a company specializing in the production of high-quality optics and thermal imaging technologies.

Tablet identifies potential risk persons 
The system combines thermographic detection with an optical camera, providing the best possible recognition system for employees or visitors to date. If the pre-defined temperature limit has been exceeded, a message appears on the display and an optional audio warning is given. Possible risk persons can thus be immediately documented. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the NOBLEX thermo tablet can also detect whether or not the screened person is wearing protective clothing such a nose-and-mouth mask. “This means that in particularly sensitive areas, access can only be granted with appropriate protective clothing, or the missing equipment can be identified directly by the tablet,“ explains Bodächtel.

Autonomous operation
The tablet is an effective and practicable solution for companies of all industries and sizes, public institutions such as schools, government offices, sports and cultural facilities, but also for organizers of large events. The operation is autonomous and does not require any additional hardware. The NOBLEX thermo tablet can also be used at airports, train stations, restaurants and hotels.
The technology is also attractive for companies that already have automated access systems implemented in their buildings. The tablet can be customized and integrated into existing databases, and in complete compliance with data protection regulations. “With this affordable high-tech innovation, we also enable smaller companies and public institutions to provide more security for their visitors, employees and customers“, emphasizes Hubert Bodächtel.

The NOBLEX NTT 100 thermo tablet with integrated thermal imaging camera is available exclusively at www.noblex-thermal.com for 1,975.00 Euro plus VAT.

Further informatin and technical data you can find here.


Products from the traditional German Company DOCTOR OPTIK are now sold under the Company name NOBLEX. NOBLEX GmbH, manufacturer of high-quality optical products for hunting, target shooting, outdoor and leisure activities, is strengthening its brand image. The products from this traditional German company are now marketed under the name of ‘NOBLEX’; the name ‘Docter’ is no longer used. The company made a deliberate choice for this name change. It enables NOBLEX to harmonise ist corporate identity and strengthen its brand. Now there is no doubt: everything made by NOBLEX also bears its name. But it is not only the name that continues to evolve. NOBLEX has already presented a series of new optical sporting products at the International Arms Exhibition 2018 in Nuremberg (IWA) and other trade fairs. The new NOBLEX® N6 ED telescopic sight guarantees razor sharp images and top transmission figures. The NOBLEX® Quicksight is another innovation in the successful NOBLEX® sight line and ideally suited to hunters and target shooters. Other new products and innovations are currently under development! Let us surprise you!

NOBLEX is therefore looking for new sales partners, wholesalers and importers. Interested parties should please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With Hubert Bodächtel NOBLEX GmbH got a new Director of Sales on December 2nd. He succeeds Lutz Belger, who left the company at the end of November.

Eisfeld 02.12.2019. Hubert Bodächtel moves from Blaser GmbH to NOBLEX. At Blaser, he was responsible for various sales positions between 2017 and 2019 as regional sales manager in export and as Head of Sales Germany & Switzerland.

 “Through the expanded product range, the expansion of new sales channels and the launch of innovative products in the field of thermal imaging technology, NOBLEX GmbH has shown impressive development over the last fifteen months. The trust in continuing along this path as sales manager together with the employees is a recognition and incentive for me at the same time”, Hubert Bodächtel explains his decision.

His hunting passion brought the native Bavarian into the hunting weapon industry. He has been solving the hunting license for 31 years now. As a long-time hunting tenant and examiner for hunting training, he has always kept the practical proximity to the “Waidwerk”. After graduating as a wood technician, he held various management positions with one of the leading manufacturers in the furniture industry. Numerous further education measures and a 3 ½ year foreign assignment as Managing Director underline his international expertise. Already in early years acquired the 48-year leadership skills i. e. as a staff member of the German Armed Forces (Deutsche Bundeswehr).

With his team of five, he will continue to drive the expansion of NOBLEX GmbH‘s national and international sales activities and further expand the brand awareness of the NOBLEX brand.

VEB Carl Zeiss Jena has been producing binoculars at the factory located in Eisfeld, since 1952. In the last 80 years, production increased to around 300,000 units p. a., the company grew to the largest binoculars manufacturer in Europe. Under the DOCTER brand, the miniaturized DOCTERsight red dot aiming systems became trendsetters for hunting, sports and law enforcement dept. NOBLEX, as the direct successor of the company in Eisfeld in Thuringia, combines with its current portfolio of high-performance optics, classic products such as binoculars and rifle scopes, with modern optoelectronic devices in the field of thermal imaging technology. NOBLEX currently produces 110 employees in
Germany and proudly bears the quality seal „Made in Germany“.



  • New investor acquiring entire Optics business unit as well as component production for analytical technology
  • All 120 employees at the site to be taken on
  • Long-term supply agreement between Analytik Jena and investor ensures the future of the site

Jena/Eisfeld, April 19, 2016 – Analytik Jena AG is selling its Eisfeld site as of the end of April 30, 2016, to NOBLEX GmbH. NOBLEX GmbH is a subsidiary of the Frankfurt-based investment company VF Capital GmbH. A corresponding agreement was signed this past Friday by both companies. In addition to the business with optical consumer products under the brand name DOCTER, the transaction includes the production of parts, assemblies, and components for use in analytical technology, which Analytik Jena distributes as part of its core business.

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